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Our law firm consists of lawyers and accountants specializing in legal, economic and fiscal disciplines for businesses and individuals, in administrative consultancy and in supporting the development of the core business, to assist people and companies in all problems.


Our job is to deliver solutions to customers problems in the following areas:

  • Legal advises
  • Corporate and Civil Litigations
  • Tax Advice
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcies

In addition to offering the administrative services of professional firms, we have gained specific experience in the areas of Asset Protection, Business Crisis Management (Pre-bankruptcy phase, Bankruptcy Concordat and Creditor Protection) and in company Start-ups.

Primary activities

  • Legal and Accountant auditing
  • Tax and Company law consulting
  • Economic and private office consulting

Specific activities

  • Consulting administrative and accounting of ordinary character, to individual entrepreneurs and companies, which required accounting editors of economic and financial statements and balance sheet, financial statements and related requirements;
  • Assistance to non-recurring stages of life of business: Start up activities, closures and liquidations;
  • Consulting Company Law drafting statutes of capital; assemblies of extraordinary character and every social act;
  • Contracts (corporate agreements, put and call associations in equity, loans and leases, etc. ..);
  • Statements and tax obligations related to tax issues;
  • Audit and management audit;
  • Family office, trust, assets protection, personal bankruptcy;
  • Bankruptcy and competition;
  • Advisor of Luxembourg holding company – soparfi, UK holding company – Inc.;
  • Advisor of a start up of a joint enterprise in Luxembourg / Mozambican concerning mining, cutting, processing and marketing of precious and semiprecious stones;
  • Assistance for international corporate transactions, direct experiences in company law and accountant methods of Luxembourg, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal/Madeira;
  • Audit and supervisor of few companies located in Madeira free tax zone, knowledge of Portugal company law and Portugal accounting methods and rules;
  • Management of start up companies and start-up of production units;
  • Domestic and foreign trusts, international corporate structures, family foundations;
  • Direct management of property belonging to private and ongoing assistance in the evaluation and supervision of the assets portfolio and privat/company portfolio selection;
  • Development and start up of an Italian company in the home automation for yachting and shipbuilding, aimed at converting computer nautical industrial sector, the creation and the installation of monitoring systems, monitoring and enforcement on ships and boats: the activity concerned the feasibility analysis, bp development, direction as general director, recruiting due to the start up of the company;
  • Curator bankruptcy of capital; Judicial Commissioner liquidator of a cooperative L.t.d.;
  • Assistance to the insolvency of companies, with recruitment of assets and liabilities shelf;

Dott. Perini Francesco

Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Legale

Perini Francesco
Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Legale
C.F.: PRNFNC67M02L781S – P.IVA: 02598020234
Albo ODCEC di Verona n. 835/A (Albo di Verona Iscrizione) precedente Albo dei Dottori Commercialisti di Verona n. 780
Elenco dei Revisori Contabili presso il Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia n.114023 G.U. 4^ Serie Speciale del 18.02.2000
Professionista Esclusivo
Consulente Tecnico del Giudice art. 13 Disp. Att. Cod. Proc. Civ.
Perito del Tribunale ex art. 67 e ss. Disp. Att. C.P.P.
Membro del ​CFE Tax Advisers Europe

Contatti Dott. Perini Francesco
Skype: francescoperini
PEC: francescoperini@odcecverona.it
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Studio Perini StP S.r.l.
Albo ODCEC di Verona sez. spec. n.32
Reg. Imprese di Verona REA VR-419465
C.F./P.IVA: 04427920238
Cap. Soc. € 10.000 sott. – € 2.500 vers.
PEC: studioperini@pec.studioperini.eu

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Info e Contabilità: infostudio@studioperini.net
Amministrazione: amministrazione@studioperini.eu

Studio Legale Commerciale Tributario
Lungadige Matteotti, 12
37126 – Verona – Italy
Tel. 045.916147 – 8308666 – Fax. 045.8300160

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